Emily Cooper is one of the main characters in Adventures in Babysitting. She is a Cooper and one of the children that Jenny babysits.

She is portrayed by Nikki Hahn.


She is just a regular girl but with a fun, adventurous, and edgy side.


Her original hair color is black from her mothers hair color, but she added green highlights.


This information is currently unknown.


Katie Cooper

They have a good but a little dramatic relationship, as her sister tattletales on her most of the time, like when Emily was about to shave her head. But overall, they had a good relationship.

Trey Anderson

Trey is Emily's BIG crush. She has a huge crush on Trey.  Despite the fact that Trey initially does not appear to recipricate the feelings, while waiting in the kitchen at the gala a short conversation in which he says she is "pretty cool" implies possible romantic feelings.


I got a tattoo
— Emily in rap battle


  • Emily is one of the Coopers
  • She has a HUGE crush on Trey Anderson
  • She hates being babysitted


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