Jenny Parker is the main character in Adventures in Babysitting. She is a babysitter and also a brilliant artist/photographer.

She is portrayed by Sabrina Carpenter.


Jenny is a rule following, caring and experienced babysitter who always is willing to do anything that it takes to receive a good reputation.


Jenny has long blonde hair which she wears in a ponytail. She also has dark blue eyes. She tends to wear a long tan coat over her outfit throughout the movie, and is always shown wearing very presentable like clothing (although when she was at the concert with Zac she was given a makeover by Lola and Katy and pulled off a whole new look)


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Lola Perez

Lola is Jenny's former babysitting rival, however now her best friend. They both were photographers/artist, when in the last scene of Adventures In Babysitting withdraws her application.


Zac was Jenny's crush. Jenny had a HUGE crush on Zac, but in the end they end up as boyfriend and girlfriend and go on their first date.


Babysitting Rule #1, never take your eyes off the kids.
— Jenny to Lola


  • She skipped eighth grade and is super smart.
  • She's a babysitter.
  • She gets paid $20 an hour to babysit.
  • Her ringtone is Für Elise by Beethoven.
  • She is applying for college and trying to achieve a good transcript.


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