Lola Perez is one of the main characters in Adventures in Babysitting. She is a brilliant artist/photographer and also is a good babysitter.

She is portrayed by Sofia Carson.


Lola is a spunky free-spirited teen with a passion for art and photography. She encourages people to express themselves and to show their true selves. Lola loves to just let go and have a good time. 


Physically, Lola is a beautiful young woman of adolescent age. She has what can be called a round-shaped face, a fair skin complexion, dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair that falls past her shoulders. She tends to wear edgy types of clothing, along with many accessories.


This information is currently unknown.


Jenny Parker

Jenny was Lola's former babysitting rival. In the beginning of the movie, they had a bitter relationship. Although, as the movie progressed, they started to grow closer as friends.

Officer James

Lola has a crush on Officer James. They met at the beginning of the show when he was giving Lola a parking ticket.


There's a moment in life where you have to take a risk and go for it!
— Lola to Jenny


  • She is a brilliant artist/photographer
  • She doesn't know anything about babysitting at the beginning of the movie


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